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Outreach Program The Echo Ridge Astronomical Society was formed for educational and scientific purposes for all people for the primary purpose of developing and implementing programs designed to increase the awareness and knowledge of astronomy. By providing public outreach to schools, civic associations, and libraries, with their telescopes and their enthusiasm for astronomy, the ERAS provides opportunities for the public to see and learn about the sky. Outreach topics include: Sun and Solar Observing Planets in our Solar System Moon Phases, Tides and Exploration,  “ International Moon Day” Constellations Meteor Showers Observatory Tours  Astronomy Day Observation Field Trips Attending Star Parties Speakers Astro Photography
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Outreach Outreach  2017
Astronomy Day May 20th, 2017
10AM to 2PM Rain or Shine
Sparta, NC Public Library
the sun, moon and Venus with the use of solar, dob and refractor telescopes.
June 8, 2017 Meeting
June 24,2017
Special Guest Speaker: Gayle Riggsbee 
Echo Ridge Observatory 7PM
Topic: Eclipses
Great American Campout
 Grayson Highlands State Park
 As part of this event, ERAS will be giving an Astronomy program that evening.
August 21,2017
ENE of Nashville TN.
Solar Eclipse
Join ERAS near Nashville,Tn. to observe and film the eclipse in white light and H-Alpha light. For further details e-mail:
September 16,2017
Downtown Sparta, NC.
Sparta Public Library
October 2017
Sky & Telescope Magazine
Be sure to see a picture of M63 taken by David Collings an ERAS member in this edition of  Sky and Telescope.
Messier 63, a spiral galaxy in the constellation Canes Venatici, also known as the Sunflower galaxy.
See more of Dave Collings photos at his web page the Blue Ridge Observatory: .
Mountain Heritage Festival
OCTOBER 5, 2017
Sparta Public Library
6:00 to 7:30 PM
Come join astrophotographer Dave Collings
about the hobby of astrophotography. Learn what equipment and software he uses to produce the images now published in the magazine Sky & Telescope. He takes his photos just outside of Sparta at the Blue Ridge Observatory.  
View his equipment and photo’s at his website: .
Sun in white light.
Sun in h-alpha.