Exploring the Universe from Southwest Virginia.  established 1996
December 2013:    A sky quality meter added to the site and measures the brightness of the night sky in magnitudes per square arcsecond.                             
 This is a Unihedron SQM-LE/LU using Knightware SQM Reader Pro 2.
January 1, 2014:    Flag Counter added to home page to indicate new visitors and country of origin.
January 7, 2014:    SQM meter down due to ftp transfer problem
January 24, 2014:  Newly released update for Knightware SQM meter software resolves ftp problem. Meter back on-line.
February 22, 2014: SQM meter off-line due to usb repeater cable failure. February 25, 2014: NOAA aurora forecast added to site.
March 1, 2014:       SQM meter back on-line after software update and bypassing USB hub. August 27,2014:     Xara software being updated to version 10 allowing webpages to better accomidate phones and tablets.
November 2,2014:   Added new photos of recent partial solar eclipse and solar flare from sunspot 2192-2014.
March 19,2015:        Due to the large number of visitors from the southern hemisphere we have added the aurora forcast for the southern                                  hemisphere. April 7,2015:             Added moon phase calendar to Observing Conditions. May 5, 2015:            Tonight Sky menu added containing:                                                                                       1) Monthly Highlights for current month video,                                                                                       2) “Whats Up Doc!” PDF and Links.                                                                                       3) Current Star Map-programmable for anywhere in the world.
February 1, 2015:     Tribute to Steve Nichols added to site for 2 months. Please visit this page as he was a great mentor to numerous                                   people and a good friend,
Oct 2,2015:              Sky Quality Meter down due to software issues. Hope to get it back online soon. November 29, 2015: Added Clearoutside Forcast from  November 30, 3015: Weather Station rainfall no longer functioning, parts on order.
December 12 2015: New weather station installed. Had a week or so of humidity and dew point errors but is now working properly.
January 2016:         Whats up doc not released until Jan 20th so they included Feb, early. Sorry for the delay.
February 6, 2016:
Faulty temp. sensor replaced on weather station.
February 25, 2017:   Sqm meter repaired and back online. February 25, 2017:   Weather report updated and still from Elk Creek, Va.  updated every 10 min. ( eed to refresh to get nost recent)